Steeper Orthotics

Wrist Brace

Wrist brace
Short Wrist Brace (Neoprene and Elastic),
Long Wrist Brace
Wrist Circumference 10 - 22.5cm

Key Features

Steeper Short Wrist Braces are manufactured from Neoprene or Elastic, both providing single compression and increased conformity around the wrist and hand. The Long Wrist Brace is manufactured from Coolmax helping to control moisture and keep the wrist and hand cool and comfortable. 

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Patient Information Short Wrist Brace

Patient Information Long Wrist Brace

Features & Benefits

  • Standard single compression one-piece wrist brace provides good conformity around wrist and hand
  • Longer two-piece design giving support and comfort for continuous use (Long Wrist Brace)
  • Shape allows increased finger mobility and minimal thumb web discomfort 
  • Fully bound edges