03 Jul

Steeper's Epic Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

Steeper's Epic Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge Steeper's Epic Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge Steeper's Epic Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge Steeper's Epic Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge Steeper's Epic Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge

Standing united at Ribblehead Viaduct and brimming with anticipation, the first challenge of the day awaited them: the ascent of Yorkshire's highest peak, Whernside. Not a cloud in the sky, the sun shone over the landscape providing the perfect motivation to push forward. The team reached the summit of Whernside in high spirits before making their way across farmer's fields to the base of Ingleborough.

The team continued their ascent, navigating rocky paths and steep slopes to reach the peak of Ingleborough. It was not an easy feat in the exposed 22-degree heat of the day, but the panoramic views from the summit served as a powerful reminder of their resilience and determination.

With two peaks now complete, a well-deserved break awaited them, as Challenge Central, the guiding force throughout the challenge, provided a tasty BBQ lunch. Revitalized and recharged, the team set their sights on Pen-y-Ghent, the final hurdle. Generally considered the toughest of the three peaks, the energy of camaraderie propelled them forward as they tackled the diverse terrain, at times, climbing vertically!

The summit of Pen-y-Ghent marked an exhilarating achievement, but the journey was far from over. With the finish line in sight, the team embarked on a challenging 7-mile walk, a true test of mental fortitude. Fatigue was setting in for many, but the Steeper team encouraged one another until the finish line came into view. Emotions ran high as one by one, they made it to the end of the 26-mile trek. The sense of achievement was overwhelming, knowing that they had conquered all three peaks and completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

The Steeper team's physical efforts have not only triumphed over mountains but also brought hope and joy to the lives of vulnerable children. Through their tremendous fundraising efforts, they have bought our total fundraising amount to over £9,500! This money will help Action for Children continue to bring support and services to children, young people, and families in need. Andrew Nicol, Orthotics Director at Steeper said, “I’m really pleased with the amount of money we raised for such a good cause, and I’m also pleased for everyone who took part. The Yorkshire Three Peaks are a tough challenge and I think everyone realised what they can achieve when they set their mind to it.”

We'd like to extend a massive thank you to Challenge Central for their expert guidance and support throughout the day. Your detailed preparation and continuous motivation throughout the day helped us to achieve remarkable feats and create lasting change.

Congratulations to Aaron Midgley, Andrew Nicol, Anna Jaines, Carl Chatfield, Chelsi Smith, Emma Brear, Emma Harvey-Kitching, Frances Beattie, Ian Rodger, Jim Sykes, Lorna Aitken, Lynzy Holding, Mark Smith, Olivia Fieldsend, Steve Carter, Tim Howarth and Tom Clappison on completing the challenge!

While this challenge may be over, our mission to support Action for Children continues. Together, we can help provide crucial services and support to children nationwide, ensuring they have access to education, healthcare, counselling, and opportunities to thrive. If you'd like to join us in our ongoing efforts to make a difference and build a better tomorrow for every child, you can donate to our Just Giving page using the link below.

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