06 Oct

Steeper now stock Smartbox Grid Pad Pro

Steeper now stock Smartbox Grid Pad Pro

The award winning software, Grid 3 is included with every Grid Pad. It provides a complete AAC solution for people to communicate with symbols, text or a combination of both. Other features include Computer Control, a complete suite of Accessible Apps, Interactive Learning resources and access to the Smartbox Online Grid portal.

Grid Pad Pro is available in three different sizes, 11, 13 and 18 and are tailored to suit the needs of the user.

Grid Pad Pro 11
The smallest of the Grid Pad Pro devices is built around a high spec tablet, running Windows 10 operating system. Inside the tablet is an Intel Core 1.9 GHz processor, 4GB of memory and 120 GB hard disk. The Grid Pad Pro 11” is enclosed by a rugged case that helps protect the devices against knocks and bumps. You can use the device all-day with the 6-hour battery life.

Grid Pad Pro 13
Our mid-sized Grid Pad Pro features an extra-long battery life. It is built around a ruggedised 13” tablet that runs Windows 10. Grid 3 runs quickly thanks to the powerful Intel Celeron 1.4 GHz processor and 8GB of memory. The hard disk is a fast 256GB solid state drive. The Grid Pad Pro 13 includes a spare hot-swappable battery so you can continue using the device even when you are low on power.

Grid Pad Pro 18
Our largest Grid Pad Pro is often used in classrooms or mounted at the home or office. It is not suitable for wheelchair mounting. The large screen provides bigger targets that help people with some access difficulties or visual impairment. The device is built around an 18” tablet with an Intel Quad Core processor and 8GB of RAM. The hard disk is 500GB.

For more information on Smartbox Grid Pad Pro, please contact the assistive technology team on assist@steepergroup.com