02 Nov

Steeper Showcase Expertise at Eqwal’s Excellence in Motion Conference

Steeper Showcase Expertise at Eqwal’s Excellence in Motion Conference Steeper Showcase Expertise at Eqwal’s Excellence in Motion Conference Steeper Showcase Expertise at Eqwal’s Excellence in Motion Conference Steeper Showcase Expertise at Eqwal’s Excellence in Motion Conference
We shared our expertise in product selection for best patient outcomes, with both the Product Evaluation Group (PEG, Orthotics) and Clinical Support Group (CSG, Prosthetics) presenting. Steeper Orthotist and PEG Leader, Laura Wilson, said "To be invited to present the Function and Methods of the Product Evaluation Group at Eqwal's Excellence in Motion Conference was extremely exciting, if not a little intimidating. It was a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the work that we do to an external audience, interest in which was high! The connections we made with new suppliers are going to enhance our work going forward, ultimately enabling our clinicians to gain further insight and guidance into the world of stock orthoses."

"It was a very welcoming conference with professional networking and social interaction encouraged throughout the three days, really bringing us together as a team for the first time. The plenary speakers were insightful, inspirational and incredibly varied. The workshops also provided an opportunity to find out more from our partner brands about their services and products that are new to the market."

We also shared with Eqwal partner organisations about 3D printing insoles for a National Health marketplace and running a Craniosynostosis service. Our upper limb experts showcased the capabilities of the Myoelectric System and Espire Elbow, with user Jim Ashworth-Beaumont also attending to give his view on the Espire Pro. Alongside Jim, Brian McLaughlin demonstrated the elbow’s ease of set-up through the Espire Hub App software in a more in-depth workshop.

A further workshop provided attendees with the opportunity to discover Steeper Custom Silicone Solutions and the prescription process. The BASIS clinical study on nighttime spinal bracing was also presented to clinicians in the plenary programme.

The sharing of new and innovative ideas was complimented by multitudes of tried and tested industry techniques from every corner of the globe - an invaluable perspective gained through the unique gathering of Eqwal's many trusted partners and brands. 
We heard interesting clinical insights and an inspiring speech from Eqwal Foundation Ambassador Theo Currin. Sarah Watson, Prosthetist from Bournemouth and CSG member summed up their feelings about the event, “Eqwal Group really homed in on collaborative working and sharing our practices more freely. There were some really great projects which can be replicated and used in other services to maximise workflow efficiency and patient outcomes.”

The schedule was fully packed with presentations and workshops throughout; thank you to our presenters and facilitators!

Networking outside of the conference program allowed us to meet with colleagues from across the Eqwal Group, including patient care providers from France, the USA, Switzerland, and Belgium.

In the exhibition area, we showcased our flagship upper limb devices; the Espire Elbow and Myo Kinisi hand. Meeting clinicians and allowing them to get ‘hands-on’ with Steeper devices; many of whom were not aware of the product range until Steeper joined Eqwal.

Eqwal's mission is to provide people with disabilities greater freedom and autonomy in their daily lives. In March 2023, they acquired 100% of the shares in Steeper, which was an exciting opportunity for all involved and a business relationship that would positively contribute to this goal. Since then, we have forged new relationships with other Eqwal partners and have expanded business operations to provide even more top-quality products to our clinicians and patients throughout the UK and USA. Excellence in Motion was yet another great way to expand these alliances even further for the future. 

A fantastic and fulfilling few days were enjoyed by all attendees. We left feeling inspired to be part of a wider group of patient-focused organisations.