Structural and Socket Components

Xtend Connect

Impact Level
Low Medium and High Impact Scale Icon in BlackMedium
Weight Limit
Stainless steel

Key Features

The Xtend Connect gives the prosthetic user greater flexibility with their devices, allowing them to easily change between sockets or prosthesis. With a simple wheel lock mechanism and unique safety button, the Xtend Connect components can be rotated in any direction and freely combined with other prosthetic components based on the user’s preferences.

The system can be used to fit transfemoral or transtibial components together, depending upon the needs of the user. The prosthetist no longer has to try to emulate the perfect socket build across multiple limb builds for varying activities, as the user can simply swap prosthetic feet during the day keeping the socket on.

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Component Build Height Chart

Read CES LX S01

Features & Benefits

  • Quickly exchange feet whilst keeping the same socket
  • Change sockets whilst keeping limb builds intact
  • Waterproof in fresh water, sea water and chlorinated water
  • Less baggage – users can pack their activity specific prosthesis without having to pack the entire limb build
  • Safety button ensures secure connection from the first step
  • Wide choice of components for unique builds
  • Available in two colour options: orange or black
  • 30 day trial available until 31st December 2019

Technical Information

The Xtend Connect set consists of two parts:

Xtend Connect Quick Fit Unit - Opened and closed via an easy-to-use locking wheel and receives the safety button feature on the base unit. Available with tube clamp, 4-hole, and female pyramid fittings.

Xtend Connect Base Unit - A standard male or female pyramid to connect components with the Quick Fit Connect Unit.