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Xtend Connect

Impact Level
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Weight Limit
Stainless steel

Key Features

The Xtend Connect by Lindhe Xtend allows the quick exchange between different prosthetic components. Depending upon the lifestyle and usage needs of the user, the same prosthetic socket can be worn across multiple limbs with the use of this device.

Suitable for both transtibial and transfemoral applications, the system is ideal for quickly disconnecting the prosthetic foot to make dressing easier, or allowing the same limb to be worn with feet set to varied heel heights - without the need to change footwear.

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Component Build Height Chart

Read CES LX S01

Features & Benefits

  • Accommodates for weights up to 150kg*
  • Quickly exchange feet whilst keeping the same socket, and maintaining optimal alignment of prosthesis
  • Change sockets whilst keeping limb builds intact
  • Designed to be used with industry standard 30mm systems
  • Greater flexibility when dressing - such as removing feet to pull on trousers
  • Waterproof in fresh water, sea water and chlorinated water with appropriate care**
  • Less baggage – users can pack their activity specific prosthesis without having to pack the entire limb build
  • Safety button ensures secure connection from the first step.
* For activities reaching K4 levels, patient weight is limited at 100kg
** Rinse immediately with fresh water and dry following exposure to salt water or chlorinated water.

Technical Information

An Xtend Connect set consists of two components:

Quick-Fit Connect
A Quick-Fit Connect Unit with an easy-to-use locking wheel and safety button for connecting and

Base Unit
The Base Units easily fit into the Quick-Fit Connect and are available as a Pyramid or Pyramid Receiver.

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