19 May

Steeper Exhibit at OT World

Steeper Exhibit at OT World Steeper Exhibit at OT World Steeper Exhibit at OT World Steeper Exhibit at OT World Steeper Exhibit at OT World
Our booth showcased the very latest innovations in upper limb prosthetics from Steeper, including the Myoelectric System featuring the Myo Kinisi, a robust and easy to use myoelectric hand designed for everyday use. The Myo Kinisi can be powered by the S-Charge System, one of the highest capacity systems available and offers 3500mAh of charge. The hand is complemented by the Elegance Plus Glove, designed to work in harmony with the Myo Kinisi with an inner mesh layer for added durability and easy donning. Elegance Plus proved popular with visitors thanks to the enhanced cosmetic detailing on the nails, palms and knuckles.

Delegates gathered to learn more of the Espire Elbow range including powered, hybrid and body driven models. The fully powered Espire Pro includes powered flexion and extension and infinite locking positions. Espire Pro user Jim Ashworth-Beaumont discussed his experience of using the device with a wrist rotator and multiarticulating hand with visitors to the booth throughout the conference.

Head of Sales Brian McLaughlin and Jim delivered an excellent demonstration seminar of the Espire Pro set up and configuration process when using the Espire Hub App for iPad. Delegates commented on the ‘ease of use’ of the app for configuration and how useful it was to view the set-up process in a live environment.
Visitors to the booth were also amazed by the intricacies of Steeper High-Definition Silicone, a hyper-realistic cosmesis bespoke to each individual; protheses can be constructed to include individual digits, partial hands and feet or full upper and lower limb solutions. Detailing such as freckles, scars and even tattoos can be added for complete personalisation.

Paul Steeper, CEO commented of the event, “It was fantastic to be meeting our customers and partners face to face at the renowned OT World event, we met with customers from all over the globe. As long-standing exhibitors, we were excited to showcase our latest innovations and seeing the reactions from customers and patients to the Myo Kinisi and Espire Elbow range in particular made 2022 our best one yet!”

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