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Key Features

The RevoFit® Lamination Kit allows you to create built-in user-controlled adjustability anywhere on a socket, letting users make incremental changes to their socket fit and volume throughout the day without the need to add or remove socks.

For use with all commonly used lamination materials, the RevoFit uses a tried and tested system of 
manufacture. This kit has been formulated to resist the repetitive stress found in an adjustable socket, incorporating a high durability (HD), fatigue-resistant lace. The system is well established and empowers users by allowing adjustability; it is complimented by the user-friendly Click Reel providing additional benefits including a balance of precise adjustment and power, offering up to 7:1 mechanical advantage.

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Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable global and/or targeted compression
  • Micro/macro adjustments to increase and to decrease socket volume
  • Easy adjustments through clothing
  • Optional grip rings to suit user needs
  • Rapid donning & doffing for challenging residual limb shapes
  • User Weight Limit: 135kg

- RevoFit® | Lamination Kit -


Do What You Do Even Better.

Endless design options let you create a unique solution to each patient’s fitting challenges, and improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Fit Matters.

RevoFit adjustability lets patients control their fit and comfort which can lead to regular use of their devices, increased activity, and better health.

Save Time.

With RevoFit, you’ll spend less time on remakes and refits.

Technical Specification


RevoFit® Lamination Kit (NCMRL-200-07-01)

Build Height of Click® Reel: 14mm visible profile, 24mm total
Reel Diameter: 42mm
Reel Weight: 71g
Collar Diameter: 42mm
Tube/Sheath Length: 1.8m
Tube Outer Diameter: 3.2mm
Lace: 2m HD (High Durability) Lace
User Weight Limit: 300 lbs/135kg





A lanyard system providing users with unrivaled control over the lanyard tension at all times, during donning and doffing of a socket over a liner.
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Pre-build adjustability into check sockets, 3D printed devices, and orthoses, and also retrofit adjustability into existing sockets.
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