Steeper Orthotics


ToeOFF Short, ToeOFF 2.0, ToeOFF 2½, ToeOFF Flow 2½

Key Features

The ToeOFF Short is specifically developed to accommodate individuals with shorter stature, slightly broader-shaped tibia, and wider foot at the metatarsal area. The ToeOFF 2.0 is the updated version of the ToeOFF Original. The new model features a more ergonomic shape, with shorter side extensions and a more rounded shape. The ToeOFF 2½ features the same dynamic functions and stability as ToeOFF 2.0 but has a lower heel height of 7mm, to adapt to modern shoes. The ToeOFF Flow 2½ offers a smoother transition throughout
the gait cycle while accommodating lower shoe heel heights and more gentle contours of shoe insoles. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight, carbon reinforced rehabilitation orthosis that absorbs force on heel strike
  • Worn at the anterior side of the leg, bridging the ankle and preventing plantar flexion (ToeOFF 2.0)
  • Lower toe lift which results in more space in the toe box (ToeOFF 2½) 
  • Easier to customise to meet alignment and biomechanical needs (ToeOFF Flow 2½) 
  • SoftKIT 2.0 comprises padding shaped to precisely fit the orthosis and comes supplied with two tibia pads 
  • ComfortKIT 2.0 comprises thicker padding, designed for the more sensitive skin, fits the orthosis precisely