11 May

The Victor and Guardian Knees Join Our Portfolio

The Victor and Guardian Knees Join Our Portfolio The Victor and Guardian Knees Join Our Portfolio The Victor and Guardian Knees Join Our Portfolio

Victor™ Knee

The Victor Knee by College Park is a single-axis pneumatic knee joint, ideal for low to moderate activity users as it can be adjusted to suit both slow and fast paced walking.

Pneumatic Swing Phase Control
The customisable pneumatic flexion and extension resistance accommodates the user’s gait as they vary their walking speed.

Fine-Tuned for Users
Clinicians can easily adjust the knee’s friction brake, stance flexion, and pneumatic swing phase, to suit the user’s preferences using a standard hex key.

Weight-Activated Brake
The integrated friction brake can be adjusted to suit the user, and along with the knee’s inherent stable alignment, it provides them confidence as they walk.

Extension Assist
With a built-in extension assist, the Victor ensures full extension for when user’s take their next step.

Guardian™ Knee

The Guardian Knee by College Park is a lightweight mechanical knee joint, suited to low-impact users, and as a rehabilitation tool for new patients learning to stand and walk.

Optimised Flexion
The Guardian provides 145° of anatomical flexion for a full range of movement. This motion makes the knee optimal for everyday activities like walking, kneeling, and getting in/out of the car.

Secure Gait Cycle
For a natural gait, the knee locks during stance phase when weight is applied, and then releases during pre-swing when weight is removed to enable extension assist to help the prosthesis swing forward.

Reassuring Remote Lock
The knee features a manual lock lever which is simple to operate. Alternatively, a remote lock actuator can be installed to provide the user with stance phase control mounted within easy reach on their socket.

Easy Adjustment
A standard hex key can be used by the clinician to adjust the extension assist, brake friction and sensitivity, without having to remove the knee.