24 Jul

Steeper Clinic officially opens at Steeper Group Headquarters

Steeper Clinic officially opens at Steeper Group Headquarters
By moving to its own dedicated space, Steeper Clinic can offer an improved service to patients by streamlining the process between manufacturing and clinical assessments.
As one of the largest UK suppliers of orthotic and orthopaedic products to the NHS, Steeper Group’s orthotic manufacturing specialises in crafting products that include bespoke footwear and insoles to relieve foot pain, along with biomechanical corrections for athletes. By combining age-old crafting skills and the latest in CAD-CAM technology, Steeper ensures unparalleled accuracy for ultimate patient satisfaction.
The private clinic, conveniently located on the ground floor, specialises in head-to-toe orthotic treatment, ranging from sports orthoses to improve patient comfort when exercising, to bespoke shoes and baby helmets for treating plagiocephaly.
Andrew Nicol, Head of Orthotic Clinical Services said: ‘Bringing Steeper Clinic back within our own premises feels like the final piece of the puzzle in our move to Steeper HQ at Intermezzo Drive. As a clinically-focussed business, providing care at the heart of our business is a great reminder of the tremendous impact our work has on the lives of others’.
Kate Chauhan, Clinical Specialist Orthotist who specialises in plagiocephaly treatment at Steeper Clinic, said: ‘We are really looking forward to welcoming patients and their families at our new Steeper Clinic site. Many of our patients and their families may have visited us at our old site, and we are looking forward to continuing their care at our new premises’.
For expert advice on the treament we offer at Steeper Clinic, please visit www.steeperclinic.com.
For further information on the advanced prosthetic, orthotic and assistive technology products and services from Steeper, please visit www.steepergroup.com.