29 Nov

Quha Zono - New Product Update

Quha Zono - New Product Update

This simple plug-and-play adapter works instantly out of the box, requiring no extra software or installation programs. Compatible with all available computers as well as almost all tablets and smartphones*, the Quha Zono allows individuals to either use their existing device, or in instances where a new device is required, our expert engineers at Steeper can advise and install a completely compatible computer system.

Get connected in two easy steps
There are two parts to the Quha Zono, the mouse and the receiver. The receiver is simply connected to the computer’s USB port and becomes instantly operational once inserted. The mouse comes with a clip, which can be used to attach the device to a flexible band, hat, glasses or wristwatch. Whilst the default configuration for the mouse location is on the right arm of the glasses, there are a variety of different clips available, so please contact us for additional options.

Gyroscopic sensor technology
The Quha Zono mouse uses a gyroscopic sensor to detect rotational movement. For example, when the mouse is attached to the arm of the user’s glasses, a turning head will produce the rotational movement detected by the device, which translates to the mouse curser moving across the screen. A tap of a switch or a blow on the airpipe will then act as the click. The Quha Zono is very simple to use and with the combination of the mouse control and the intuitive nature of the receiver, most users find the device can be used comprehensively in only a few moments.

Maria’s Story

“The most important tool in addition to my mind is my computer, which I need every day.”

After a car accident, Maria was diagnosed with tetraplegia. Determined to continue her career in engineering, Maria looked for assistive technology that would help her control the most important device in her life; her computer. After a short time searching, she found Quha Zono. The easy to use device and comfortable headband means that she can use Quha Zono to control her computer at work and at home, enabling Maria to continue working with the accuracy she required , whilst still remaining socially connected to her friends and family.

To watch Maria’s story, click here.

For more information on Quha Zono, please contact our friendly team on 0113 207 0449 or e-mail assist@steepergroup.com

*Apple iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) do not support mice as input devices.