13 Jun

Introducing the AMAneo BTi: the innovative assistive mouse adapter for iOS

Introducing the AMAneo BTi: the innovative assistive mouse adapter for iOS
Previously, using an iPad or iPhone either via touch screen has been difficult for some people with severe physical disabilities. However, the AMAneo BTi eliminates these access frustrations by offering an adapter which connects a mouse to the device to select functions with a left click – as opposed to previous switch devices which require scanning through all functions to select the desired one.

This easy-to-use device is compatible with a normal ergonomic mouse or an assistive mouse – including button switches, gyroscopic mice and joystick switches – which can be plugged straight into the AMAneo. It is then connected to the iOS device via Bluetooth, and a touch pointer will appear on the screen allowing full control of the iPhone or iPad. There is no other app or software required, and two switches can be used simultaneously to operate the left and right mouse buttons.

CSS have also integrated several intuitive functions to assist users of varying physical capabilities. For example, iPhone and iPad users who suffer from severe hand tremor which may be caused by diseases such as Parkinson’s, usually experience immense difficulty navigating the touch-screen function. To negate this effect, the AMAneo BTi has an innovative anti-tremor filter so an ergonomic or head mouse can be used to move the touch pointer smoothly across the screen.
Additional features include the iOS AssistiveTouch menu, which allows instant access to key functions such as the Home button and volume control. There are also built-in options including auto click, click delay and click-and-drag, to avoid accidental activation of the mouse click. These features, teamed with a 20-hour battery life ensure users can use their device all day with ease, without having to navigate a touch screen.

For more information regarding the AMAneo BTi, please visit the product page or contact our Customer Service team at assist@steepergroup.com

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