08 Nov

In the Spotlight: The Steeper Assistive Technology Team

In the Spotlight: The Steeper Assistive Technology Team In the Spotlight: The Steeper Assistive Technology Team In the Spotlight: The Steeper Assistive Technology Team

Customer Services

The customer service team are not only the first point of call for our assistive technology clients, but the voice of our company who are there to offer expert advice from assessment to aftercare. Talking to clients so they feel secure and comfortable is their priority, particularly during installations to ensure a seamless experience for both the individual and their extended care network.

Zoe joined the customer service team after previously working as a support worker. Speaking with both the engineers and the clients daily, she describes it as building a “three-way relationship.” The main advantage of Zoe’s job is knowing the impact she has on client’s lives: “It’s great hearing when people are happy with what we do. It’s so fulfilling when we get the initial call from someone who doesn’t know if they’re eligible for anything, and then helping them through the process of receiving what they need.” Zoe has also spent time with the engineers on site visits to meet clients. Building this relationship is vital, as it means the aftercare process and any future projects can be carried out confidently and with a personal touch.

As a result, Zoe has access to valuable insights into the service: “Working with this assistive technology team allows me to see the entire process from start to finish every time we gain a new client, it’s definitely the most rewarding aspect of the job!


The next stage of our assistive technology service is our behind-the-scenes team in logistics and stores management, who are the vital link between customer service and our engineers.

Graham resides in the aisles of our product stores liaising with every member of the team as AT Stores Manager, and no day is ever the same. His role is varied, involving stock control, sourcing new products, organising equipment for engineer requests, dispatching products, and checking that client assessments have been fully completed. Having previously worked as a maintenance manager, his initial interest in the role was sparked by the idea of helping clients: “It’s absolutely fantastic that we can change people’s lives – particularly with equipment such as the augmentative communication solutions.”

As a natural people-person, he enjoys working with the engineers on a daily basis aiding them whilst they’re out on the field. By providing his support to the entire AT team, this constant communication is key to ensuring all processes run smoothly. In regards to the future of Steeper assistive technology, Graham is particularly excited at the prospect of reinvigorating the environmental control market through the launch of the enhanced evo+ system.


Our assistive technology engineers spend a large portion of their day on the road travelling the length and breadth of the UK providing the next stage of our service to clients. Whether it be a routine maintenance check-up, a new door opener, or a full home control system installation, the impact their job role has is invaluable.
However one of the most important aspects of their role is the one-to-one interaction they have with our clients, chatting to them and getting to know their hobbies and everyday routine. One of our engineers Jason, who covers the East Midlands and The Humber, has found that his job role is more than just a product service: “My role as an A.T. Engineer is more than equipment supplier and fitter, it’s also a personal role which means we have to get to know our clients so that we can adapt the equipment as the client’s needs change.”
So an engineer’s role is not just about the technical aspect, but also engaging with an individual’s journey with assistive technology and building a relationship with their family and carers. Our client’s lie at the heart of our assistive technology service, which Jason sums up as “a humbling experience.”
For more information on the services offered by our Assistive Technology team, please click here or email assist@steepergroup.com