26 Oct

Cosmetic Restoration by the Steeper Silicone Clinic

Cosmetic Restoration by the Steeper Silicone Clinic Cosmetic Restoration by the Steeper Silicone Clinic Cosmetic Restoration by the Steeper Silicone Clinic

These custom sculpted products are hand-crafted by our expert technicians at the Steeper Silicone Clinic. Each prosthesis is created using a catalogue of over 20,000 colours to assure a match with the user’s skin tone and unlike similar products, our fabrication techniques involve colouring the silicone prior to sculpting, as opposed to surface painting. This process allows the layering of different shades of silicone to give a translucent finish, similar to real human tissue and provides exceptional definition, detail, and an excellent colour match.

A Custom Approach
Each of our silicone prostheses can be tailored to the user’s exacting requirements and specifications, from tattoos to painted nails, veins to surface hair and everything else in between, the possibilities are limitless! Not only are all our products cosmetically tailored to suit the user but additionally, we always ensure the products are comfortable and functional, providing users with a natural and realistic looking prosthesis that suits their needs.

Top to Toe
Custom silicone products can be produced to suit a wide range of requirements – from individual digits, partial hands, partial feet, upper and lower limb covers as well as cosmetic restorations for burns and tissue loss. To ensure the most accurate match we use Spectromatch, a unique skin colour matching technology, creating up to 22,000 colours to copy any skin colour required. For a hyper-realistic touch, all our finger and toe nails are crafted out of stiff silicone or acrylic (for nail painting) and use as many colours as is necessary for a match.

Expert Technicians
For almost 100 years, we have been providing the very best in upper limb prosthetics products and as technology and user requirements change, we have modified our manufacturing techniques and service offerings to best suit their specifications. Steeper Product Manager, Dawn explains more about the silicone service, “With the variety of prosthetic upper limbs available to users today, patients have an exceptional choice of what kind of product they would like whether it be mechanical, myoelectric or just cosmetic but increasingly, patients tell us how important appearance is for their prosthesis. This is why we invest in devising the most naturalistic coverings for both upper and lower limb prostheses. Our coverings are designed bespoke to individual requirements, then sculpted in-house and in consultation with the patient, enabling our custom silicone products to meet the patient’s exacting standards.”

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