03 Jun

Assistive Technology throughout the Covid-19 pandemic

Assistive Technology throughout the Covid-19 pandemic
Through the willingness and expertise of our engineers, the team at Steeper Group have been able to establish safe operating procedures that meant equipment could be virtually installed immediately into the homes of clients. Like many aids, assistive technology provides a lifeline to those who use it. The ability to connect with friends and family, being able to open a window or close a curtain at the touch of a button provides users with a sense of independence and control over their home.

Virtual Installations Q&A

Over the last few weeks, Steeper engineers have been completing virtual installations. But what how do they do this and what does it entail? Below we have answered a few of the most frequently asked questions on virtual installations:
Which devices can be installed remotely?  
A wide selection of our devices can be installed remotely, these include Gewa Connect, Gewa One and Gridpad. For some of our larger control devices like door openers, an engineer would still need to manually install the equipment.  
How do I know that the device will be set up correctly? 
Our team of expert engineers can virtually install the device and once installed will assess the system in operation via video link. If any problems arise then the engineer can easily navigate and resolve any issues to maximise accessibility and usability. 
How soon can you remotely install a device? 
Steeper Group is on hand throughout the pandemic and can install your device immediately. We understand the importance of assistive technology especially on those clients with a degenerative or terminal condition, which is why we are constantly working to ensure that all devices can be installed quickly and safely. 
Will I get training once the installation is complete? 
Yes, once the installation is complete the engineer will give tuition to the user, family and carers so they can provide the necessary support. 
Further Support
As shielding of the vulnerable and at-risk is likely to continue, we know that more of our users may encounter problems with their assistive technology and devices. That is why we have a dedicated customer service team on hand to help answer and resolve any queries. Where instances permit our team of experienced engineers can even remotely connect to the device to troubleshoot and resolve any issues. So if you are experiencing problems or wish to speak to us please contact us on 0113 207 0449 or email assist@steepergroup.com