Espire Pro Elbow

Wrist Size
Locking Function
Elbow Function
Battery Type
Removable Smart Li-ion 10.8 V
3000 mAh
Inputs = 12, Outputs = 4

Key Features

The Espire Elbow range is designed to emulate the anatomical shape of the forearm and wrist, blending technology and biology to appeal to wide range of patients. Thought has been given to every aspect of the device’s appearance, including a natural and comfortable resting position.

Steeper Group’s Espire Pro is a revolutionary powered elbow which is intuitive and easy to use. To ensure reliability for the patient, it features a removable battery, electric lock, and free swing options for carrying out everyday tasks. Compatible with most terminal devices, the Pro is easily programmed by the prosthetist using the Espire Hub iPad app.

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Technical Manual

Features & Benefits

  • Reliable gear box designed to ensure optimal patient safety, as when locked, the elbow will remain secure and neither flex nor extend
  • Optimally positioned centre of mass so that the prosthesis is lightweight and comfortable and does not hinder the user
  • Innovative gear box control enables a high lift and hold capacity. User’s can confidently hold 11kg, and dynamically lift 4kg to perform everyday tasks with ease
  • The two removable 3000 mAh batteries are designed to provide a full day of function each - even supporting the use of wrist rotators and multi-articulating hands. When the battery needs recharging, the charging dock can refuel it in less than 31/2 hours
  • Full extension can be carried out in one second to provide controlled movement for the user
  • Can be programmed via the Hub app to either automatically free swing, or have an electric, silent free swing activated by myo signals
  • Available in six finish options: Brown, Caucasian, White, Silver, Jet Black, and Carbon Fibre

Technical Information

Size Weight Weight Limit Wrist Size
Small   1075g 11.3kg 45mm
 Standard   1095g 11.3kg 50mm
Max. Lifting Force Flexion Angle Speed
13.6 N-m -5 - 135° 135° a second