Genu Sleeve

Approx 35cm
3 months

Key Features

The Genu is a soft silicone suspension sleeve that is 3mm thick and designed for use with transtibial prostheses. It is gently tapered and, though not pre-flexed, the elasticated fabric outer cover has a more openly knitted section over the patella to allow easy knee flexion. 

This high level of flexibility is achieved thanks to Össur’s expertise in round-knit technology. As a consequence the sleeve is virtually wrinkle free even when flexed, and the freedom of movement available to the user is very high. Though this sleeve was designed to be used with a suction system, providing an excellent level of suspension, it can also be used as a stand-alone suspension sleeve and is particularly suitable for patients who are less active, or require a sleeve that allows easier knee flexion.

The Genu Sleeve is supplied with a sleeve protector as standard, though these can also be purchased separately. Made from a durable fabric, they help prevent damage from the edge of the socket and thereby improve the longevity of the sleeve. Silicone pimples on the bottom edge of the sleeve hold it securely in place on the socket.

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Features & Benefits

  • Highly flexible due to Össur round-knit technology
  • Virtually wrinkle-free fit
  • High freedom of movement for the user
  • Protective sleeve included