Silicone Liners

SoftSkin Air

Amputation Level
Transfemoral - NSTF
Suspension Method
Pin or Cushion
6 months

Key Features

The SoftSkinAir® is a unique, breathable silicone liner featuring a distinctive structure and special micropores to reduce the build up of sweat and draw moisture away from the residual limb; providing a unique solution to patients who previously have been unable to wear a liner due to high sweat levels. It has proven effectiveness in wearing tests and moisture level analyses. Available in multiple shore hardnesses, with an optional pin connection, or with a smooth distal contour. The SoftSkinAir® Sport liner offers an additional distal matrix to further improve the reduction of longitudinal movements.

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Features & Benefits

  • Breathable and comfortable solution
  • Improved grip contact
  • Unique outer textile
  • Decreased skin irritation
  • Available in three shore hardnesses: from the softer NS30 for more sensitive residual limbs, through to the durable NS50 liners suitable for higher activities