Silicone Liners

4Seal TFS and TFC Classic

Amputation Level
Suspension Method
Silicone, transparent
Approx 40cm
6 months

Key Features

This 4Seal Liner is designed for use in a socket with a distal expulsion valve and provides excellent suspension by means of its four integral seals. The Easy Glide surface and flexible nature of the seals make it simple to roll on and negates the need for any lubricant when donning the socket.

Umbrellan fabric contained within the silicone as part of the liner matrix, provides both increased durability and pain-relieving effect from phantom limb pain, phantom limb sensation and idiopathic residual limb pain.

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Feature Guide

Features & Benefits

  • Silicone gel
  • TF-matrix is continuous fabric within the silicone for adaptation to different residual limb shapes due to very good radial elasticity
  • EasyGlide PLUS - unique gliding surface coating or simple donning and doffing
  • Umbrellan fabric for electromagnetic shielding