Prosthetic Knees

Guardian™ Knee

Impact Level
Low Medium and High Impact Scale Icon in BlackLow
Weight Limit
Adapter Type
30mm Pylon Receiver
2 years

Key Features

The Guardian Knee by College Park is a lightweight mechanical knee joint, suited to low-impact users, and as a rehabilitation tool for new patients learning to stand and walk.

It features a friction brake for stance control and extension assist for full extension when walking, which can all be easily adjusted for a natural gait without having to remove the prosthesis.

The remote lock feature can be disengaged to provide the full 145° of anatomical motion as the patient progresses, allowing the knee to operate as a single knee axis joint.

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Knee Wall Chart

Features & Benefits

  • A simple lock lever is located at the centre of the knee for easy access
  • Flexible remote Hand Operated (HOKL) or Semi-Automatic (SAKL) Knee Lock options to change with the user’s needs
  • Standard hex key can be used to adjust the extension assist, brake friction and sensitivity, without having to remove the knee
  • A small degree of stance flexion improves stability at loading response to mimic an anatomical gait pattern
  • The easily adjustable weight-activated brake will disengage once the limb is offloaded sufficiently during pre-swing, at which point an extension assist is enabled

Technical Information

Total Fitted Height (1) 13.1cm
Dome to Knee Centre Height (2) 2.6cm
Dome to Tube End Contact Height (3) 6.6cm
Weight 533g

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