Prosthetic Knees

Kinegen Stream

Impact Level
Low Medium and High Impact Scale Icon in BlackHigh
Weight Limit
150kg (NMA3A2500 & NMA3A2500/4)
125kg (NMA3A2500/3)
Approx 1120g
Swing Phase
3 years

Key Features

The Kinegen Stream is a polycentric unit with hydraulic swing phase control and pneumatic extension assist for active users up to 150kg. It is geometrically stable in the stance phase and transitions smoothly into the well controlled swing phase with little effort required and excellent control of the final 10 ° of extension to prevent terminal impact.

The Kinegen Stream has a 'cycling' mode enabled by the user by means of a lateral push button with a bicycle symbol.

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Knee Wall Chart

Features & Benefits

  • For active patients weighing up to 150kg
  • 'Cycling' mode enabled by the user by means of a lateral push button with a bicycle symbol
  • High performance hydraulic unit with precise adjustment allows an optimal, individual customisation of the joint
  • Individually adjustable end position damping to reduce terminal impact
  • Convenient front access to easily adjustable hydraulic swing phase damper

Technical Information

Effective Assembly Height Total Height Joint Head Total Height
NMA3A2500: 196mm NMA3A2500: 36mm NMA3A2500: 224mm
NMA3A2500/4: 209mm NMA3A2500/4: 36mm NMA3A2500/4: 30m
NMA3A2500/3: 203mm NMA3A2500/3: 222mm NMA3A2500/3: 217mm

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