Streifyderm Gel Socks

Key Features

The Streifyderm Gel Sock consists of a nylon fabric sock lined with a 2mm polymer gel, particularly suitable for the moderately active transtibial amputee. 

Streifyderm Cushion - aimed at meeting the needs of the more active lower extremity amputees, or those with more bony or sensitive residual limbs, the Streifyderm Cushion uses an elasticated nylon sock and a thicker 3mm polymer gel lining. 

Streifyderm Endurance - in order to meet the needs of the very active lower extremity amputee, the Streifyderm
Endurance consists of two elasticated nylon socks with the 2mm polymer gel sandwiched between them.

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Features & Benefits

  • Polymer gel contains a premium medical mineral oil
  • Improved skin care as the oil is released
  • Reduced skin friction and abrasion
  • Increased cushioning and comfort
  • Washable
  • Suitable for use in many types of socket, regardless of construction or the material used