Silicone Liners


Amputation Level
Firm Silicone
370 mm
1 Year
Shore Hardness
approx. 40 shore 00

Key Features

The Streifeneder silicone liners offer solutions to meet a wide range of user requirements.

Each liner uses robust, first-class materials, alongside Streifeneder’s new knit technology, to provide a great balance of comfort and function.

The ClassicSil.basic is a 3mm silicone liner made with firm silicone.

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Features & Benefits

  • Ideal introductory silicone liner for residual limbs with reasonable soft tissue coverage
  • Suitable for low, moderate and high activity levels
  • Designed for those looking for improved comfort and suspension
  • Lined with antiseptic additives called ‘SteriOne’, to help keep liners free of bacteria and micro organisms
  • Cost effective 1 year warranty
  • Integrated 10cm knitted matrix reduces distal elongation under tensile load
  • Easy to don and doff due to resilient polyamide/elastane cover
  • Integrated coloured vertical stripe for easier donning orientation
  • Distal silicone-rotation control
  • Available with or without distal connections

Technical Information

  • Activity level: K2 to K4
  • 3mm wall thickness
  • Total length: approx 370 mm
  • Firm silicone, medical grade, approx. 40 shore 00
  • Antibacterial silicone
  • Suitable amputation level, transtibial
  • Pin adapter
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Supplied with a drying stand
  • Colour: silver grey

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