Prosthetic Knees

Kinegen Wave

Impact Level
Low Medium and High Impact Scale Icon in BlackLow
Weight Limit
715g (NMA3A900)
700g (NMA3A900/1)
2 years

Key Features

The Kinegen Wave provides users with a number of technical advantages which are necessary for optimal safety and natural movement.

The high-quality knee joint is complemented by the modern design that is seen in the well-known models of the Kinegen series. A polycentric knee joint that has a high stance phase stability due to a posterially positioned pivot point, suitable for K2 users. The mechanical shortening in the swing phase enables increased ground clearance whilst the manual lock provides additional safety.

Users can move freely and carefree in fresh, salt or chlorinated water thanks to its water-resistant materials.

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Technical Manual

Knee Wall Chart

Features & Benefits

  • Integrated extension assist spring
  • High stance phase safety due to polycentric design
  • Ability to easily switch between free knee and locked knee
  • 125kg weight limit
  • Male pyramid & M36 thread connection options
  • Adjustable axis friction for swing phase control
  • Waterproof in fresh, chlorinated and salt water*

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