Prosthetic Knees

Capital™ Knee

Impact Level
Low Medium and High Impact Scale Icon in BlackMedium
Weight Limit
Adapter Type
34mm Pylon Receiver
980g (Pylon Receiver)
990g (Pyramid)
3 Years

Key Features

The Capital™ knee by College Park Industries is a yielding, hydraulic, single-axis knee joint that is easy to use for both patients and clinicians. This knee effortlessly accommodates the user's variable gait thanks to smooth and responsive hydraulics in both the swing and stance phases.

The Capital knee is durable, sleek, and fresh water friendly, with easy mode selection and standard 4mm adjustments for quick setup/ installation. The Capital is a strong, reliable solution for moderate to high activity users.

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Features & Benefits

  • The Capital knee is designed to provide the user with a secure, responsive, and natural experience during the gait cycle
  • The Capital Knee accommodates varying speeds from slow to fast using hydraulic control
  • Due to its yielding mechanism, the Capital knee allows for controlled flexion of the knee during downhill walking, allowing for steady, smooth steps
  • This lightweight, hydraulic knee can withstand many freshwater activities. Patients can wear the Capital in the shower as the moisture will not wear on the system
  • The Capital’s flexion, extension, and stance flexion resistance can all be adjusted using a 4mm hex wrench - so clinicians can dial in swing flexion and extension as well as stance flexion resistance without having to remove the device

Technical Information

Total Fitted Height (1) 23cm
Dome to Knee Centre Height (2) 1.7cm
        Distance from Knee Centre to Pyramid Centre (3)         7mm
Dome to Tube End Contact Height (4) 17cm

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