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Bespoke Helmets

Bespoke, made to measure

Key Features

Our unique, easy-to-fit, lightweight helmets give excellent skull protection for patients at risk from head injury in day-to-day life. All Steeper helmets can be customised to suit individual requirements - from the colour and design to the fabric and the shaping.

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Features & Benefits

  • 4 spoke, 8 spoke and full head available
  • Front and back bumpers 
  • Buckle or hook and loop fastening 
  • Riding style, Y and U strap and hook and loop strapping types
  • Leather and mesh fabric 
  • Full range of colours

Available in over 24 solid colours and fun patterns


A truly bespoke solution

Our expert helmet technician has over 40 years of experience crafting bespoke helmets that not only fit patient measurements, but their lifestyles too. Our patient centric approach means we're able to find a solution that meets the unique needs of each individual.

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Michael and his craftsmanship are creating positive turning points every day.

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