Steeper Orthotics

Made to Measure Spinal Brace

Spinal brace
TLSO Soft Body Anterior M2M Cast, Custom
to Measurement TLSO Bivalve, Custom
Scoliosis Brace, Custom LSO, Custom TLSO
Bespoke, made to measure, made to cast

Key Features

Here at Steeper, we can manufacture your spinal orthosis utilising the latest CAD/CAM technology which allows us to carve a mould nearly identical to your patient’s measurements or scanned image. Each individual orthosis is fabricated to the patient’s unique measurements and your specifications, ensuring the very best fit, support, and comfort.

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Patient Information (Paediatric)

Features & Benefits

  • Custom fabricated finished or unfinished
  • Custom fabricated lordosis
  • Custom bivalve opening
  • Custom overlap options including smooth, step (butted) or with tongues
  • Made to measure or made to cast