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Tred-lite Insoles

Tred-lite Ezi-Rize Insoles, Tred-lite Orthotic
Insoles and Wedges, Tred-lite Ezi-Fit Insoles
and Wedges
UK shoe size 5 - 11, 2 and 4 degrees

Key Features

Steeper can provide custom-made insoles using either foam impressions, casts or scans of the foot that are manufactured to the highest standards. Frequently, clinicians use total-contact insoles alongside modular footwear to distribute load and reduce peak pressures on vulnerable areas. As the interface between footwear and the foot, the correct insole can ensure the best possible clinical outcome. By manufacturing footwear and insoles together, we ensure that each device complements the other and function efficiently together. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Tred-lite insoles are designed to improve the biomechanical alignment of the feet thereby reducing pain in the feet, legs and back 
  • Each insole is constructed from lightweight PU EVA® with integral 4-degree posting 
  • Available in two different densities allowing you to select an insole which exactly suits the patient's requirements 
  • Ezi-Fit insoles from the Tred-lite range feature a lateral cutaway to allow for easier fitting into narrower footwear 
  • Adjustable heel raise insoles manufactured in multiple layers of EVA (5 x 3mm) with simple peel away layers to achieve the required raise height. Depth ranges from 3mm to 15mm in 3mm increments. (Tred-lite Ezi-Rize Insoles)