30 Apr

Shirley Livingstone's Story

Shirley Livingstone's Story Shirley Livingstone's Story
The story
Ever since a holiday in the Far East introduced Shirley Livingstone to Tai Chi, it's always held a special place in her heart. However, ever since an injury while fundraising for Cancer Research in 1998 left her with a broken right hip, Shirley has experienced uneven balance problems and an uneven gait.

An operation on her fracture at Bradford Royal Infirmary pinned her hip, with the pins being removed a year later - but this made her right leg almost a full inch shorter than her left leg, meaning she needed special shoe inserts to correct the difference. However, there was always a discrepancy, which exacerbated Shirley's balance issues. 

The solution
Working closely with Shirley, Steeper's orthotist drew on our wider team's expertise and innovation to determine Shirley's requirements with unprecedented accuracy. Because of this, our technical team could craft a new pair of bespoke orthotic shoes that gave Shirley unprecedented levels of comfort without the need for additional shoe inserts.
The turning point
Thanks to her new orthotic shoes, Shirley was able to take her first Tai Chi class with Otley Action for Older People. Learning from Chinese-trained instructor Colin Hamilton, set against the backdrop of soothing Asian music, Shirley suddenly found she had the balance and poise to take part in the complete range of exercises, from four minutes of meditation to the full sequence of movements - carrying a range of active health benefits.

As a result, it's more than Shirley's limbs and posture that feel better thanks to her orthotic shoes. It's her whole mind and body that feel transformed after every Tai Chi session. 

Shirley's Case Study