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Luke Sinnot's Story

Luke Sinnot's Story Luke Sinnot's Story Luke Sinnot's Story
The story
Most of Luke's friends found the concept of him joining the army quite amusing, but for Luke he knew it was something he had to try. Joining the army in 2006, he was commissioned into the Corp of Royal Engineers. Whilst on duty in Afghanistan as a Royal Engineer Advisor, he was called into a patrol base with his team to clear the local area. Whilst deactivating one device, he triggered a second that took both of his legs. The impact of the explosion was so severe that his left arm was stripped of flesh and the force of the rifle being ripped from his right hand also meant three broken fingers. To this day, Luke credits his team with his life, as without their quick thinking he believes he would not have made it.

Fourteen days later, Luke awoke in Birmingham Hospital with two stumps for legs, and thankfully, despite not working properly, two hands. 

The solution
After seeing the College Park Sidekicks at a prosthetic presentation, Steeper prosthetist Stephen Cox saw their value immediately. With natural, anatomical ankle motion and a flexible platform for ground compliance, Stephen felt that they were the best product on the market for a bilateral, transfemoral amputee like Luke.
Trusting Stephen's judgement, Luke was eager to try the Sidekicks. From the first moment he tried them, he knew they were right - they were easier to navigate slopes and uneven terrain, and his lower back pain from using other prostheses vanished. Luke was also able to wear his Sidekicks all day every day, not having to change his prothesis based on his plan for the day. Not only have his Sidekicks changed his life, but they have made it simpler, as now he puts them on in the morning and takes them off before bed. 

The turning point
Luke's Sidekicks have given him his life back. To wear a stable foot that adjusts to his needs whilst absorbing the shock from walking without knee joints means that he has been able to overcome every challenge put in his way - and there have been a lot! Whilst he finds the every day task of living with prosthetics a challenge, in his opinion, there isn't a challenge that cannot be overcome with the right prosthesis. Luke flies, skis, runs, walks, sails, climbs ladders and wins Gold medals at the Invictus Games. 

Luke's Case Study