19 May

Lee's Story: Made to Measure Footwear

Lee's Story: Made to Measure Footwear Lee's Story: Made to Measure Footwear
Seeking a solution, Connor looked at the Click Ortho Lacing System, and after discussions with the Orthotic Technicians Lee’s boots were manufactured with the system in place. When Lee saw the boots he was delighted, he had a pair of boots that not only looked smart but were easy to put on and the custom fit has enabled him to improve his walking distance and speed.

Manufacturing Process

Our Orthotic Technicians are fully adept at utilising the very latest in fastening solutions to provide shoes for individuals with complex footwear needs and specific style requirements. All of our footwear utilises the highest quality materials available and follow strict quality standards to ensure our patients receive the best product for their needs. For more information on bespoke footwear please contact orthoticenquiries@steepergroup.com.
Click Ortho Lace System​ Features and Benefits
  • Available in 4 kit sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium and Large
  • Nylon-coated steel lace used for high strength and low friction
  • Low-profile dial and lace guide design
  • Available for UK shoe size 2-8+
  • Double-cap press-fit steel rivets are easy to install using the QuickFit tool
  • The easy grip Boa dial, means users can easily achieve uniform compression with a one-handed twist, adjusting the fit in seconds

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