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100 Years of Expertise

100 Years of Expertise 100 Years of Expertise 100 Years of Expertise
The story
During 1910, Mr Hugh Steeper married into the Winterflood family and as such began to work for the company firm manufacturing geysers for water heating. During the war, Mrs Steeper invited mutual friends to reside in safety; the Vindevogal brothers who were in the wine trade, and Cauet, a limb maker. They came to England during the early part of World War 1 as refugees and were given permission to use the top floor of the  Woodstock’s premises for the production of artificial arms based on the Cauet principle. Mr Hugh Steeper, unfit for war service, became interested and following his normal daily occupation, spent many hours an evening  learning what he could about the limbs being made in the Woodstock premises.

With demand high for artificial limbs, the Vindevogals and Cauets were making a small but important contribution to helping provide prostheses for those returning from war. After cessation of hostilities in 1918, our Belgian friends naturally wished to return to their homes and did so in 1919. By this time the Prothesia Company had moved to 49 Greek Street, Soho and when the Vindevogals and Mr Cauet left, the company went into liquidation. Mr Hugh Steeper had continued on a part-time basis and after 18 months, on 19th November 1920 he bought the company. Now as the new owner, he attended Roehampton Hospital measuring and fitting arms and helping create turning points in the lives of those returning from war.

On the 23rd March 1921, Hugh Steeper Limited became the operating company.

Continuing the solution
From then on Steeper has been a name synonymous within the field of prosthetics, with the first premises opening in 1923 in Roehampton, London and grew further following the introduction of the National Health Service in the UK in 1948.

In 1969 the first premises were opened in Leeds, where Steeper HQ continues to be located, and capacity to produce prosthetic and orthotic devices was significantly boosted.
Steeper has grown exponentially providing vital patient care and expertly manufacturing devices in the fields of orthotics and assistive technology having been awarded NHS contracts in these fields since the 1980s.

In 2015 the company rebranded to the original family name given to the firm almost a century before; and after being owned by several private equity firms to enable growth, in 2017 John Midgley and Paul Steeper, grandson of Mr. Hugh Steeper, became the owners of Steeper Group.

In 2020, the company acquired the prestigious Espire™ Elbow product range; giving five choices of prosthetic elbow including the award winning, powered Espire Pro with natural free swing and the Espire Classic Plus which can be used in combination with a wide range of terminal devices. The whole range is deigned to be anatomically correct and offers patient choice with a variety of colours and design finishes.

The turning point
The company now prides itself in being not only an expert manufacturer, providing enablement devices worldwide and making a difference to thousands of patients every day but is also an expert service provider, drawing on the expertise previously gained by Mr. Hugh Steeper and innovating utilising the latest techniques and technologies to enable our clinicians to offer the best possible outcome, and our patient’s excellence in the provision of care.

Paul Steeper, CEO said “It’s incredibly rewarding that the Steeper name continues to be a success across enablement devices, our teams know that everything we do impacts upon a patient’s life and everyone at Steeper strives to create positive turning points in people’s lives.

Our 100th year will see global product launches, new supplier partnerships, improved ways of working and of course plenty of celebrations when its possible to do so, I’m excited about what the future holds for Steeper Group.

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