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Ankle Boots

Ankle and foot brace
Leada Multi-Use Boot, Podus Boot, A-Boot

Key Features

Steeper's range of Ankle boots provide effective treatment for foot drop and non fixed plantar flexion contractures. The range helps to prevents heel pressure sores and are available in a range of sizes. 

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Patient Information A-Boot

Patient Information Podus Boot

Features & Benefits

  • Antimicrobial surface protector to shield against mould and mildew, stains, bacteria, fungus and algae. Super soft fleece lined headliner cover is removable and machine washable (A-Boot)
  • Utilises Flex-E-Core technology for adjustment without the need for tools or heat (Podus Boot)
  • A lightweight, quality plastic shell with poly/pile liner that helps treat and prevent lower extremity disorders associated with trauma or immobility. An adjustable toe extension helps protect toes from bedding and the anti-rotation bar may be repositioned to assist with internal or external rotation (Leada Multi-Use Boot)