Espire Classic, Classic Plus & Basic

Wrist Size
Inputs = 4, Outputs = 4

(Classic Plus only)
Locking Function
Elbow Function
Counterbalance and spring-assist

Key Features

Espire Classic Plus
The Classic Plus model is a mechanical elbow featuring a forearm counterbalancing mechanism adjusted via a dial, and a manual lock to allow the patient to freely position the device with minimal effort. 

Espire Classic
The Espire Classic uses the same comfortable counterbalance system and manual locking function as the Classic Plus. However this is the ideal option for patients seeking a lightweight elbow as it does not contain any electronics and circuitry.

Espire Basic
The Espire Basic offers the most lightweight option for patients as it contains no electronics or battery but still presents with a clean, sleek appearance. The device is body-powered with a manual lock for reassuring security, with an economical dial adjusted spring-assist to enable the elbow to be positioned with ease and provide fluid movement. 

Features & Benefits

  • Dials can be placed medially or laterally for patient preference, to adjust either the counterbalance feature or spring-assist on the Basic
  • Various inputs and batteries can be attached to the Espire Classic Plus using a plug-in board, which are then routed through the elbow to the distal end to enable the use of a wide range of terminal devices
  • The Classic and Classic Plus models feature the forearm counterbalance mechanism to negate the effects of gravity
  • Anatomical look and shape offer a natural resting position
  • The Classic and Basic elbows are ideal for patients looking for a lightweight option as they contain no batteries or electronics
  • Six finish options available: Brown, Caucasian, White, Silver, Jet Black and Carbon Fibre

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Technical Manual

Technical Information

Espire Basic
Size Weight Wrist Size Dial Placement Options
Small 649g 45mm Medial or lateral
Standard 669g 50mm Medial or lateral

Espire Classic Plus
Size Weight Wrist Size Dial Placement Options
Small 665g 45mm Medial or lateral
Standard 685g 50mm Medial or lateral

Espire Classic
Size Weight Wrist Size Dial Placement Options
Small 651g 45mm Medial or lateral
Standard 671g 50mm Medial or lateral