Body-Driven Digit Prosthesis


Water Resistant
Control Strategy
Control Action
Voluntary opening
Nylon 12, Silicone,
Bespoke to patient

Key Features

The PIPDriver is a body-driven mechanical finger, designed to restore length and dexterity using the intact PIP joint to provide DIP flexion/extension. This custom-designed prosthesis mimics the anatomical motion of the finger, as it is driven by the residuum using a self-suspended linkage system.

Who is this suitable for?
This prosthesis is intended for use on a finger absence at or just proximal to the distal interphalangeal (DIP) joint, where there is some joint range of motion and enough residual digit to engage the distal suspension ring at the PIP joint.

Manufactured using medical-grade Nylon 12, the PIPDriver is a durable yet lightweight device, capable of carrying out everyday tasks with natural gestures. The force output of the device is dependent on the patient’s strength - whatever force the individual is capable of inputting will be safely transmitted by the PIPDriver.

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Features & Benefits

  • Articulation and force output are dependent on the length of the residual digit distal to the PIP joint, as well as the strength and range of motion of the affected PIP joint
  • Bespoke ring fabricated to the patient's residual digit size and length
  • Lightweight titanium fasteners
  • Ten colour coatings available
  • Prevents hyperextension
  • Protects the site of amputation without making contact with the residuum end
  • Silicone rubber tip pads mimic the grip of a natural fingertip
  • Full set of silicone shims in three sizes provided to optimise the fit of the device
  • Two nail options available: organic and minimalist (organic shown in main product image and technical info below)

Technical Information

Materials   Nylon 12, silicone, titanium
Resistant to   Water, alcohol, acetone, isopropanol, dust and dirt
Heat resistance   < 175°C (347°F)
Force output   Same as intact finger
Ring tensile strength   27kg (60lb)
Warranty   1 year (extended warranty options available)

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