Passive, Locking Digit

GripLock Finger™

Control Strategy
Control Action
Passive articulation
Nylon 12, silicone,
aluminium, stainless steel
6 sizes available

Key Features

The GripLock Finger prosthesis is a passive, locking finger, designed to restore absent digits and natural grip patterns - particularly for those with a complex level of finger amputation.

Who is this suitable for?
This positional-locking device is suitable for patients with a finger absence at, or proximal to, the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint. The GripLock Finger can be positioned using hard surfaces or the sound hand, with two easily accessible lock-release features.

The GripLock Finger is optimised for robust strength with a multitude of flexion positions, providing passive articulation and force in opposition. Available in six sizes, it is designed to be fabricated into a custom-socket and can be used in conjunction with other Naked Prosthetics devices if required.

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Features & Benefits

  • A multitude of unique locking positions for a variety of static flexion positions 
  • Silicone pads provide improved grip stability and prevent scratch-damage to surfaces/objects
  • Refined structure means it is the strongest and lightest passive locking digit on the market
  • Vulnerable areas have been strengthened using aluminium and case-hardened stainless steel components for bearing load
  • Two easily accessible locking release modes to allow for full extension
  • Protects the amputation site and resists painful forces at the residuum
  • Robust functionality provides a sturdy digit for grip stability
  • By replacing absent digits it prevents metacarpal deviation and compensatory motions in intact digits
  • 10 colour coatings available

Technical Information

Materials   Nylon 12, stainless steel 316, silicone, aluminium
Resistant to   Water, alcohol, acetone, isopropanol, dirt and dust
Device Weight   25g per digit
Load rating   90kg+
Warranty   1 year (extended warranty options available)

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