Naked Prosthetics
Body-Driven Prostheses

Naked Prosthetics manufacture durable, custom-fabricated finger prostheses to replace partial loss of a finger. The GripLock FingerPIPDriver, MCPDriver and ThumbDriver are all designed to restore functionality by mimicking the natural motions of a finger, all driven by the residual digit. Their exoskeletal appearance is designed with functionality in mind, and also provide a sleek appearance which users are proud to wear.

Returning a user’s ability to perform daily tasks is the ultimate outcome for these prostheses, restoring long-term hand health so individuals can get back into the workplace and lead an active, fulfilled lifestyle. These three devices are custom-manufactured according to an individual’s specific measurements and requirements, and are designed to be worn in combination with one another if needed. 

PIPDriver™MCPDriver™ThumbDriver™ | GripLockFinger™

Bespoke Designs
Every device is custom-fabricated according to a patient’s unique anatomy and clinical presentation. Detailed measurements and images are taken at prescription stage, to manufacture a device with optimal force output and a range of motion.

Optimised Mechanics
Exoskeletal design optimises the patient’s range of motion and strength to mimic natural hand motions, and a limited close grip range allows for reliable object handling and manipulation.

Length Restoration
These devices alone act as an artificial substitute for absent digits, which as a result reduces compensatory metacarpal and phalangeal deviation of adjacent digits for improved hand health.

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