Terminal Devices

TRS Devices

Control Strategy
Mixed body-powered
and manual operation
Control Action
Voluntary closing
Compatible Threads
1/2" x 20 TPI
(or M12 available on request)

Key Features

The TRS range offers a variety of terminal devices, many of which are activity-specific sporting devices. They have an extensive adult and paediatric range and are compatible with the Steeper wrist options.

TRS active devices are voluntary closing and require a lateral control cable position.

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Features & Benefits

  • Compatible with Steeper wrists allowing easy interchange between activities
  • Activity-specific range e.g. bat & ball sports, climbing, cycling, golf, gymnastics, kayaking, martial arts, music, photography, pool, skiing, swimming, weight-lifting, & others
  • Useful for postural symmetry and meeting developmental stages
  • Some products are waterproof