Terminal Devices

Select Myoelectric Hand

Control Strategy
Control Modes
9 distinct modes
Hand Size Range
6¾ - 8¼
Wrist Options
1/2" x 20TPI
M12 x 1.5mm
Wrist Size
40mm - 54mm

Key Features

The Select range of myoelectric hands are electronically operated devices designed to meet the needs of most upper limb amputees. Our range offers durability, reliability and quality design features. With a powerful mechanism, a grip force output suitable for most routine daily tasks is provided to the user.

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Features & Benefits

  • On-board microprocessor technology
  • Nine control modes
  • On-board system includes an electronic 'gear change', allowing power to be stored and released on demand
  • Steeper Myoelectric Hands are controlled with myoelectrodes or switch inputs
  • Supercapacitor technology (sizes 7¼ – 8¼) provides efficient control and power conservation