Espire Elbow - Patient FAQs

To ensure you stay safe and comfortable when using your Espire Elbow, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. The answers below provide guidance on what you can expect from the elbow, general care of the device, and how to find out if you would be eligible for an Espire Elbow.

Espire™ Elbow
Frequently Asked Patient Questions

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Can I drive once I get my Espire Elbow?
This will depend on many factors and will vary on a case-by-case basis. We would recommend speaking to your prosthetist and occupational therapist, and you will also need to contact the DVLA.
Can I go swimming with my Espire Elbow?
No. The Espire Elbow is not suitable for submersion in water – this includes swimming, bathing or showering.
Can I wear my elbow when flying?
Some airlines may not permit the use of the Espire Elbow on their aircraft – please check with the airline prior to booking.
Can patients order directly from Steeper Group?
No, all orders must go through your clinician. We cannot legally sell directly to patients as prosthetics are medical devices. If you would like to discuss being fitted with a Steeper Group product, please speak to your prosthetist.
How do I check the battery level on the Espire Pro/Hybrid?
  • Lightly press and hold the Power button on the elbow for one second, which will trigger the LED light indicator on the device. This will show you what the battery level with a series of lights:
  • If you take the battery out, there is a battery fuel ‘gauge’ on the side of the battery which indicates the amount of charge left in it
How do I get an Espire Elbow?
It’s all about prescribing the most suitable device for your needs and the perfect fit – you will need to speak with your prosthetist about whether any of the Espire Elbow models are right for you. They will be able to explain the benefits, technology and accessibility.
How long should the battery power last on an Espire Pro/Hybrid?
The Espire Pro and Hybrid models are supplied with two battery packs, each supplying up to 8 hours of power. The battery life will vary depending on what terminal device is being used alongside the elbow and level and frequency of usage throughout the day.
How much weight can I carry with my EspirePro/Hybrid Elbow
The Espire can hold up to 11kg/25lbs when locked, not including your terminal device. It is recommended to try and carry any weight more toward the elbow joint, rather than at the end on your hand/terminal device.
How much weight can I lift with my Espire Pro?
The Espire Pro can lift up to 4.5 kg/10lbs, not including your terminal device.
I am registered with an NHS clinic – can I get an Espire Elbow?
Eligibility for an Espire Elbow on the NHS is entirely dependent on each NHS Trust, their funding options and suitable patient presentation. An NHS Trust will have a lot to consider when prescribing a device such as the Espire Elbow. However, we would still encourage mentioning to your NHS prosthetist if you are interested. An alternative route would be a referral to a private clinic – please feel free to get in touch with our friendly Customer Services team who would be happy to assist –
I’m not based in the UK, how can I get an Espire Elbow?
The Espire Elbow is available worldwide through our distributors and partner clinics. For more information on our distributor locations, please view the world map here.
What are 'Myoelectrodes'?
Myoelectrodes are the input devices that take the electrical signals from the muscles to the Espire Elbow.
What colour options are available for the Espire Elbow?
Patients fitted with the Espire Elbow will have the choice of five colour options: Black, Brown, Caucasian, Silver and White. Alternatively, we have a range of custom colour finishes available – click here to view.
What does the term 'Myoelectric' mean?
Myoelectric is the electric properties of muscles. When a muscle is contracted, it sends an electrical pulse. A myoelectric-controlled prosthesis, such as the Espire Elbow, uses metal electrodes on the skin to take those electrical pulses and uses them to control terminal devices.
What is the warranty on an Espire Elbow?
The warranty for the Pro and Hybrid models is 2 years; and an additional 2-year warranty is available for purchase. The warranty for the Classic Plus, Classic and Basic is 1 year.
Will my Espire Pro/Hybrid come with a battery charger?
Yes, your Espire Pro/Hybrid Elbow will come with a mains-powered single-bay battery charger. A dual-bay battery charger is also available for purchase.