Gel Liners

Contex Gel

Amputation Level
Suspension Method
Pin or Cushion
Polymer Gel
Approx 42cm
6 months

Key Features

Available with matrix and without, the Contex Gel liner is supplied in three different wall thicknesses of 3mm, 6mm and 9mm - providing options for both transfemoral and transtibial application. These liners are thermo-plastically conformable at 60ºC, allowing them to be applied to a wide variety of residual limb shapes and conditions. 

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Read CES STR S01

Features & Benefits

  • Increased comfort as a result of the antibacterial, skin friendly ContexGel
  • Protection and good shock absorption over the whole residual limb
  • Excellent circumferential elasticity compensates for changes in the residual limb volume
  • Thermo-formable at 60°C (140°F) to accommodate the shape of the residual limb, when required
  • Textile cover for ease of donning and doffing
  • Matrix version only: stitched distal matrix prevents undue longitudinal extension