RevoLock™ Lanyard

Weight Limit
Build Height
Dial Height
Items Included
M10 threaded liner fitting
as standard, M6 threaded
insert available separately

Key Features

The RevoLock™ Lanyard adjusts tensions within the socket to maintain proper suspension throughout the day, through 2:1 mechanical leverage which balances speed of winding with power. It automatically aligns the limb in the socket, allowing the patients to easily draw in the limb and avoid pin lock frustrations.

Adjustable through clothing, suspension can be dialed in throughout the day as volume changes to maintain proper suspension. While drawing the liner into the socket, the lanyard cord is neatly stored inside the dial which can be located anywhere on the socket to allow for easy reach.

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Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable tension reduces pistoning
  • Donned and doffed easily, including when seated
  • Serves as both a diagnostic and definitive socket kit
  • Lower and upper extremity compatible
  • Eliminates air transfer with distal air lock design
  • High lanyard tension with 2:1 mechanical advantage
  • Maximum travel of 55 cm between distal end of socket and end of the lanyard

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