Structural and Socket Components


Key Features

Using the BOA M3 dial with 2:1 gearing to provide the mechanical advantage required, ensures that the liner and residual limb can be easily pulled into the socket in correct alignment, negating the need for patients to
stand and force their limb into the device.

The fitting of a simple expulsion valve and optional suction sleeve can enable the system to achieve an extremely high level of suspension, allowing the user to engage in high level activities.

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Read CES CLM A01


Features & Benefits

  • Easy and rapid donning, offering patients the ability to don whilst seated
  • The lanyard automatically positions the liner in the correct alignment, eliminating pin lock frustrations
  • Dial can be mounted anywhere to accommodate the patient's functional needs and is easily adjustable through clothes and during activity
  • High lanyard tension through 2:1 gearing
  • Positive lanyard lock
  • 'Air lock' created as once drawn into the socket, the lanyard connector seals into the distal adapter
  • Easy lock release
  • Waterproof system, making it ideal for use in a swimming or bathing prosthesis
  • Spectra cord lanyard rated to 100kg loading