Structural and Socket Components


Weight Limit
100kg per system

Key Features

The RevoFit2™ enables built-in user adjustability anywhere on a socket, with a 4:1 mechanical advantage dial which can be easily operated through clothing even when seated. The adjustable multi-panel socket design can provide both global and targeted compression, with every 'click' of the dial providing 1mm of movement. 

The new RevoFit2 design combines RevoFit™ Direct and RevoFit™ Versa into a single lamination dummy. The RevoFit2 kits are available for both diagnostic check sockets and definitive wet lamination. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Targeted compression with the adjustable multi-panel socket design
  • Adjustable through clothing
  • Micro/macro adjustments provide 1mm of movement for compression, and can adjust for up to 10ply of sock changes
  • Ease of releasing tension with the system allows for rapid donning and doffing for bulbous ends or large volume fluctuations
  • Uses strong and fatigue-resistant Spectra lace
  • Allows for flexible mounting of the dial on either an adjustable panel or remotely on the socket frame
  • Low-friction Teflon tubing supplied

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