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iQ Vacuum System

Impact Level
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Key Features

The iQ Vacuum System by Freedom Innovations is a microprocessor controlled vacuum which can be mounted onto a user's lower limb prosthetic build. It provides automatic socket vacuum adjustment as sensors respond in real-time to changes in the user’s activity.

This system is intended for use by lower limb amputees who desire control over their socket and a physical connection to improve comfort.

The external setup design requires minimal space on a standard pylon, allowing for various build heights and also offering retrofitting options. The system can be controlled via clinican and user apps, for features such as vacuum adjustment, producing usage reports and quick access to battery charge level and step count.

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Features & Benefits

  • Waterproof IP67 tested design, for safe submersion in water for up to 30 minutes at 1m depth
  • Suitable for users of all activity levels
  • System offers unparalleled quietness when operating
  • Built-in leak detection which alerts users via the app
  • Low-profile power/function button, with an indicator light to demonstrate current battery charge level
  • Vent On Power-Off Mode allows air into the socket whilst the system is off to aid in doffing a prosthesis
  • Outside socket design allows for trialing the system
  • Micro USB conenction for mains power charging

Technical Information

Weight 271g
Height 84mm
Width 76mm
Weight Limit None
Distance from Pylon 64mm
Pump Space Volume 315mm³

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