ComforGel Socks

Amputation Level

Key Features

The ComforGel socks are available in two thicknesses and three sizes. They consist of a soft and stretchable cotton inner and outer fabric, sandwiching a soft polymer gel.

With the emphasis on the softness of both the gel and the fabric and the ease with which the socks can be stretched when donning, use of these products makes for a high degree of comfort, with good durability. This makes them especially suitable for patients with sensitive or bony residual limbs, as well as for the more active individual.

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Features & Benefits

  • Colour coded stitching to easily identify the two available thicknesses - 3 ply (yellow) and 5 ply (green)
  • Incorporates a soft polymer gel, to provide good shock absorption, sandwiched between two layers of fabric for durability
  • The softness and stretchability of the fabric ensures ease of donning, and high levels of comfort
  • Transtibial sock accommodates up to 51cm circumference 
  • Transfemoral sock accommodates up to 66cm circumference 
  • Symes sock accommodates up to 36cm circumference 
  • Easily conforms to irregular residual limb shapes and sizes