Silicone Liners

Sensitive 3C

Amputation Level
Suspension Method
Approx 35cm
6 months

Key Features

The Sensitive liner is a silicone interface liner that is suitable for below knee (transtibial) amputees up to mobility class 2 with reduced soft tissue coverage and/or scar tissue as the soft silicone provides additional cushioning. A durable outer textile cover allows the liner to be fitted and removed easily without the need for time-consuming sprays.

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Features & Benefits

  • Silicone gel
  • 2-zone matrix, internal 5+3cm and 10+3cm - progressive stretch profile for very high soft-tissue grip and very high radial stretch for a step-free, gentle and comfortable transition in the matrix area
  • Durable textile cover 
  • Flexible cup for simplified, shape-moulding and secure donning
  • Flexring for improved fit to promote the benefits of the flexible cup with neat distal edge (no fraying) 
  • Size marking for traceability and documentation