Prosthetic Knees


Impact Level
Low Medium and High Impact Scale Icon in BlackHigh
Weight Limit
Approx 930g
Swing Phase
3 years

Key Features

The Össur NOH7/NKH7 is a polycentric knee unit which is geometrically locked at heel strike. At toe-off the knee unlocks to allow a smooth transition into the swing phase. This is controlled by a hydraulic unit with three valves, two controlling the flexion and the third controlling the extension. These are independently adjustable to suit a range of walking speeds.

The NOH7 is supplied with a male pyramid adapter to allow angular adjustment. The NKH7 comes with a laminating adapter, complete with adjustable alignment discs, making it particularly suitable for patients with very long residual limbs. The NOH7/NKH7 has the same mobility rating as the NOH5/NKH5, but some specification changes, allow an increase of the weight limit to 136kg.

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Features & Benefits

  • Polycentric construction provides improved ground clearance in swing phase
  • High stance stability, even when taking small steps, or sidestepping
  • Smooth transition into a controlled and finely adjustable swing phase through two flexion valves and one extension valve
  • Integral extension assist spring and needle roller bearings
  • Unlimited rotation and 5mm of shift in any direction are possible with either version, as is 10° of angular adjustment, this being achieved on the NKH7 by means of a pair of wedge shaped rotatable discs
  • Optional wedge to increase sensitivity at toe-off

Technical Information

Total Fitted
Height (1)
Effective Module
Height (2)
Height (3)
NOH7: 186mm NOH7: 134mm NOH7: 19mm
NKH7: 178mm NKH7: 143mm NKH7: 28mm

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