Prosthetic Knees

Monolock NOFM0

Impact Level
Low Medium and High Impact Scale Icon in BlackLow
Weight Limit
Approx. 275g
Swing Phase
3 years

Key Features

The lightweight and compact Monolock NOFM0 has been introduced by Össur to meet the needs of those patients who only require a semi-automatic locking unit.

The positive and audible locking mechanism will give patients the confidence to know that, once fully extended, the knee will be secure, but without the complication of applying a toe load to the prosthesis, or unduly offloading it in order to unlock the knee when they wish to sit down. These features make sitting and standing and back to sitting, a much safer procedure, whilst still providing absolute security when walking.

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Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight and robust with a low overall build height
  • Automatic lock activates in extension, with an audible click on locking
  • Simple pull-up lever allows the knee to unlock easily without needing to offload, for easy transition from standing to sitting
  • High flexion angle

Technical Information

Total Fitted Height (1) Effective Module Height (2) Weight
100mm 47mm 275g

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