Prosthetic Feet


Water Resistant
Impact Level
Low Medium and High Impact Scale Icon in BlackHigh
Weight Limit
3 years
Foot shell - 6 months

Key Features

The Thrive is a load-activated carbon fibre prosthetic foot designed to accommodate added weight when lifting or carrying heavy objects. This foot utilises a dual-keel design incorporating a full-length primary keel and a secondary, load-activated keel. When an additional load (up to 30% of the user’s body weight) is carried, the Thrive’s primary keel progressively comes into contact with the upper keel, providing incremental support.

By providing support for variable weight when it is needed, Thrive proves to be a dynamic foot that feels the same regardless of load and ensures consistent performance with greater confidence amongst users. Users will no longer experience the feeling of a flat or soft foot when additional loads are encountered, nor will they need to be subjected to a product that is too stiff for their everyday walking needs.

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Features & Benefits

  • Responds automatically when lifting or carrying heavy objects
  • A unique dual-keel design utilises a full-length primary keel and a secondary, load-activated keel to ensure consistent response
  • Full-length carbon fibre heel plate technology facilitates a more natural ambulation with and without variable loads
  • Responds to variable loads of up to 30% of the user's body weight
  • Split keel construction with +/-15 degrees of inversion and eversion creates dynamic control on irregular surfaces
  • Carbon fibre and sole plate design provides 11mm of vertical compression for increased control and comfort

Technical Information

Size (cm) Build Height (cm) Weight (g)
21-24 5.7  
25-26 6.4 526
27-30 6.6  

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